Granite Cutting Machines

Granite Cutting Machines

Robo SawJet

Stone products are used in a range of residential and commercial applications. Cutting through granite, marble and other materials requires precision, while producing large quantities of stone countertop and other products requires manufacturing speed. A granite cutting machine offers the balance of precision and speed your facility needs.

Explore the features of BACA Systems granite saw machines to see how you can manufacture innovative components quickly and affordably. All four machines are fully automated to speed up the manufacturing process and eliminate errors in production.

Robolution Pro

Manufacturing stone countertops is easy with the Robolution pro. This innovative machine uses a powerful waterjet, saw and maneuverable arm to create complex miter cuts and detailed trim pieces.

Here are the of the advantages of choosing a Robolution Pro for your granite cutting machine:

  • Inside miter corner capabilities
  • Adaptive cutting technology
  • Power variable frequency drive and saw
  • Cuts up to 80 inches per second
  • Competitive maintenance scheduling
Robolution Pro

Inside miter cuts are possible thanks to the adaptive movement of both the saw and waterjet. A 26 horsepower saw and 60,000 PSI waterjet aren’t connected to a gantry system, but are fully automated on a robotic arm. This allows for fast, precise cuts.

Miter joints must be cut with extreme precision to avoid noticeable glue joints. Corners, backsplash panels and other features of custom countertops often come with noticeable glue joints, which reduces the quality of the final product. A flawless miter cut avoids downstream refining before the final glue process.

The Robolution Pro doesn’t have any whip lines or swivels, and the coils are easy to replace in just minutes. Every high-pressure line is accessible for routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Compare the maintenance routine of the Robolution Pro with other automated stone cutting machines to see how you can cut down on repair tasks. The first recommended oil change is only after 10,000 hours or 5 years of operation. Reduced maintenance extends the lifetime of your machine and reduces downtime as you cut elegant countertops and other stone products.

Robo SawJet

Learn more about the robotic sawjet that started it all. The Robo SawJet was the first robotic model produced by BACA Systems, and it continues to deliver reliable operations and superior cutting flexibility.

Explore the primary features that help this granite saw machine outperform the competition:

  • Compact footprint
  • Low-maintenance scheduling
  • Six axes of high pressure coils
  • 16-inch saw blade with a 26 horsepower motor
  • Sink and faucet opening manufacturing capabilities

This compact machine requires less shop space than a traditional gantry-style granite cutting machine. Similar to the Robolution Pro, the Robo SawJet doesn’t require a routine oil change until 5 years or 10,000 hours of operation.

High pressure coils and six axes of movement allow for fast and flexible movement of the saw blade and waterjet. A single Robo SawJet can create faucet openings, arcs, sink openings and miter cuts to fully finish a countertop or other custom stone product.

Use the included RoboCut software for intuitive processing performance. This convenient software determines the optimal cutting pathways for shop-floor programming. An intuitive operating system reduces the programming time and technical skill necessary to safely operate your Robo SawJet.

BOSS Saw 2.0

Boss Saw

Cut through a variety of stone products with the dependable BACA Systems Boss Saw. A spacious cutting table and intuitive software creates the cornerstone of your stone manufacturing shop.

Compare the innovative features of the Boss Saw with other BACA products:

  • Cutting table measuring 78 inches by 138 inches
  • Five axis CNC saw with a mono-block frame
  • CAD drawing compatibility and manual cutting option
  • Core bit for efficient cutting
  • Miter cut capability

This granite cutting machine uses a large cutting table, five axes of movement and durable cutting bits to propel your manufacturing process forward. The large table allows for full-size quartz and granite slabs to be loaded up and processed. A ball screw assembly allows for X, Y and Z axes without any backlash.

Linear rails on a bridge and carriage system ensures accurate cutting through enforced rigidity. The saw blade is capable of miter cuts between 0 and 90 degrees. Use this feature to create openings for square corner sinks and edging on your stone slabs.

The Boss Saw can follow CAD drawings for a conveniently automated process, or the saw can be manually controlled for free-form cutting. Use the manual option to line up the laser line and center the saw before turning it over to the automated process.

Miter X

Create custom built-up edges and other luxurious mitered products with the Miter X. If you’re crafting waterfall islands or other designer products, this granite cutting machine is a foundational piece of equipment.

Consider the following specifications of the Miter X compared to other products:

  • Convenient controls
  • Rubber-topped flat table for finish work
  • 25 horsepower saw motor
  • Bi-directional pneumatic rollers
  • Pneumatic clamping system
  • 140 inches of cut stroke

BACA Systems Easy-2-Use software makes quick work of the designing and planning phase of operations. Streamline the cutting process with a 25 horsepower motor and high-end miter saw. The Miter X can process even quartzite and other hard materials. It’s capable of handling common stone and manufactured stone products for tables and countertop designs.

The table, rollers and clamps are designed to offer finish-level quality and cutting performance. These features carefully secure, roll and process the slab to avoid affecting the polished surface of a table or countertop.

Control the RPMs of the saw blade with a standard VFD motor. The Miter X controls the cutting speed and feed rate to avoid chipping. A Siemens Controls based panel makes it easy to connect a laptop or other work computer to diagnose any issues, create designs and prepare your Miter X for your next manufacturing process.

Stone Fabrication and CNC Stone Machining

This machining process uses computer-automated tooling to carve, cut, polish and engrave a variety of stone materials. It’s essential to choose the right equipment for your particular stone manufacturing application.

When you use the optimal automotive saw or stone cutting machine, you can create stunning products for a variety of applications. Start with a digital design of the products you wish to create in your machining process.

Every CNC machine has various cutting procedures and angles that it’s capable of achieving. When you select the optimal equipment for your process, there’s few limitations to the manufacturing processes you can achieve through CNC machining.

CNC Stone Applications

Before you work with a stone cutting saw or granite cutting machine, consider the available applications for these products. CNC stone processing allows you to work with these materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Man-made stone
  • Quartz
  • Slate
  • Other stone products

Create innovative components for commercial and residential use. A stone cutting machine from BACA Systems can take slabs of these materials to manufacture the following components:

  • Countertops
  • Coffee tables
  • Island counters
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Decorative slabs

Consider the angles, cutouts and other processing steps you need to take to make your final product. Some BACA Systems machines are capable of start-to-finish stone processing, while others offer high-speed processing, but handle a more narrowly defined set of cuts.