Stone Cutting Saws

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Stone is an amazing material. It’s durable enough to be used for hardscaping the outdoor areas of your home, while also being aesthetically-pleasing, which makes it ideal for home fixtures. However, there is a downside when working with stone such as granite, marble and quartz. For all of their amazing features, these materials can be tough to manipulate, which is why you need the absolute best stone cutting saw to efficiently do the job. 

Here at BACA Systems, we’re proud to develop safe, efficient, automated saws and stone cutting machines to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with their selection. We also provide a variety of stone stone fabrication products to make your choice that much easier. Here are a few possible options complete with helpful information so you can make the best decision for your business’s needs. 

Robo SawJet

What good is an automated SawJet if it can’t operate at lightning speeds? All six axes of the device are outfitted with high-pressure coils, which ensure quick movement from cut to cut.

We’ve also taken the proper steps to reduce cutting time. Enhanced power is the key to this innovation thanks to the 26 HP saw motor. And because the equipment is housed on a dual table, one area is dedicated to loading and unloading, while the other is for cutting exclusively. 

The Robo Saw Jet is also ideal if you’re looking for a low maintenance option. While routine maintenance is key for extended lifespan, the more hours spent maintaining your stone cutting machine, the more downtime your shop will face.

In stark contrast to other SawJets, which can sometimes require maintenance on a weekly basis, we’ve developed technology that can go up to five years or 10,000 operating hours before the very first instance of maintenance is required. At that point, all you’ll need to do is perform a simple oil change and you’re good to go. 

Stone Cutting Machine


There’s very little our BOSS Saw can’t do. We understand that flexibility is the key to an efficient operation, which is why this device is capable of making precise faucet holes, as well as attractive arcs for a bit of design flourish. This design is also fully equipped to make miter cuts due to the impressive tilting action, which goes from 0-degrees in a vertical position to a 90-degree horizontal one. 

We’ve also developed a drive system that remains rigid during operation, which ensures greater accuracy when making your cuts. Even better, our BOSS saw is fully upgradeable should the need arise.

We understand that our clients can have evolving needs as their machine shops grow and progress, and to accommodate the client needs the best we can we’ve developed the only 5 Axis CNC saw with the ability to be upgraded. 

Miter X

Miter X

When it comes to making precise edges and routing, you can’t go wrong with a miter saw. The Miter X stone cutter machine is equipped with user-friendly controls, with a moveable control stand to ensure maximum comfort for the operator.

As an added bonus, these simplified controls also make for easier training. Instead of spending days or even weeks getting your crew acclimated to new equipment, you may be able to demonstrate the proper procedure in a single afternoon. 

Power is another key feature of Miter X. With the 15 HP saw motor, your shop can easily slice through the hardest of materials, including quartzite when making kitchen countertops for your customers. In terms of usability features, pneumatic clamps lock materials into place, while the pop-up rollers make for smooth, easy gliding over the rubber tabletop. The tabletop is also designed to prevent any disfiguration of your materials, which can be costly.  

Stone Cutting Machines by BACA

BACA Systems is proud to provide our clients with the many benefits of our extensive experience. For over three decades we’ve developed efficient and effective robot automation equipment essential to the fabrication process. We also set you up for success by offering in-house training, as well as several different support channels to make sure you have the information you need to operate our innovative stone cutting machines.

Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our products and all we can do for your business.