Supplemental Products

Robo Lift is another BACA Systems innovation for fabricators that want to increase the productivity and throughput in their production facility while improving the safety of their operations.

Jib cranes are stationary swing arm cranes ideal for servicing dedicated areas. These cranes offer a cost-effective alternative to overhead bridge cranes.

Vacuum lifters have a lifting capacity of up to 2,200 pounds. The unit is equipped with four suction pads that measure approximately 21 inches by 13 inches. Lifters have a pneumatic tilting rotation of up to 90 degrees.

Speed Label allows you to account for every piece as it travels through the fabrication shop. This reduces the chance for pieces to be lost, eliminating the chance of an unnecessary remake.

The Granite Studio is designed to capture precise, fully-calibrated images of your stone slabs in high resolution. Whether you want to build your virtual inventory or create scaled images for Vein Match, BACA Systems Granite Studio is excellent for consistent, accurate imaging.

Our custom chiller systems are designed to maintain the temperature of cooling fluids within a selected temperature range. Each of our units is tested through monitored operation within design parameters. This enables our experienced technicians to calibrate all instrumentation precisely to the customers needs and verify that each unit will function as specified.

Tilt tables allow slabs to be loaded in the vertical position, secured, and then tilted to the horizontal position to fabricate the stone. Once the cutting is complete the table is tilted back to vertical for material offloading. The table includes replaceable table slats as well as replaceable rubber strips that assist in keeping the slab in place during cutting.

Reduce abrasive fill time, compared to hand loading, and save on costs. Designed for heavy duty use, the High Capacity Garnet Tower will hold a one-ton super sack, plus additional reserve weight.

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