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We understand – you want to concentrate on your business. The WaterJet Made Easy program allows intensifier maintenance to be completed to the highest standards in the industry by trained technical staff, freeing you from having to maintain the largest and most complex part of your waterjet system.

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WaterJet Made Easy Step 1

Before Production Shift: Remove Top-Works and Ship to BACA Care Team

The WaterJet Made Easy program includes a complete high-pressure top-works assembly, tools for removal and installation, and a robust shipping case. Having a spare unit on your shelf will make it so you don’t have to run in a failed state. It takes only 15 minutes to swap out with the spare assembly on site. The assembly that requires maintenance is then shipped to BACA Systems for repair.

WaterJet Made Easy Step 2

Install Professionally Rebuilt Intensifier

Once your waterjet top works assembly is received, an expert BACA Systems technician will rebuild the assembly, replacing all wear components and evaluating wear points throughout the rebuild. All seals, O-rings and check valve components are replaced, and the check valves main bodies are lapped. The assembly is then tested at full pressure. The repaired assembly is then shipped back, so you have it on hand for when you need it in the future.

WaterJet Made Easy Step 3

Return to Production - Get Back to Making $$$

BACA Systems has made it easy. When your high-pressure assembly shows signs of needing service, you will simply replace it with your standby assembly and send BACA Systems the unit that needs to be rebuilt. BACA Systems will completely rebuild the assembly, test it at full pressure and ship it back to you. Easy. WaterJet Made Easy.

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