Reduce Downtime With the Miter X 2.0 Saw

No business ever wants to experience downtime because it often results in lost revenue, delayed order fulfillment, and increased labor costs.

However, downtime becomes inevitable if your operation relies on equipment, as most operations do. At some point, production will need to stop either to address routine maintenance tasks or to troubleshoot unforeseen issues. When that happens, time is of the essence.

At BACA Systems, we understand how challenging these situations can be. That’s why we developed the Miter X 2.0 saw. The Miter X 2.0 is one of the most powerful miter saws available on the market, delivering faster processing speeds and unparalleled ease in cutting through extremely hard materials like quartzite. Beyond its speed, precision, and efficiency, the Miter X 2.0 is equipped with a Siemens Control System, including SINAMICS variable frequency technology, which helps prevent lengthy stoppages.

Siemens Controls

What Are Siemens Controls?

Siemens develops many advanced control systems designed to increase equipment efficiency and reliability. With a Siemens Control System, advanced control and diagnostic capabilities are available, allowing for real-time equipment monitoring. The control system provides built-in intelligence and connectivity, enabling remote support to quickly identify and resolve machinery issues.

BACA’s Remote Troubleshooting Capabilities

Absolute Stone RSJ and Miter X

The Siemens Control System integrated into the Miter X 2.0 allows our technicians at BACA Systems to quickly connect with you to troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing with your equipment, such as improper tool settings, blocked filters, incorrect tool path parameters, blade issues, misalignments, and electrical problems—all you have to do is plug in the laptop to the saw’s cabinet, and one of our technicians will be ready to help you.

In high-paced stone fabrication environments, this capability is critical. Remote troubleshooting means you don’t have to wait to schedule repairs or for a technician to arrive on-site—when your equipment is down, it can be returned to optimal operating conditions within minutes.

Learn More About the Miter X 2.0

Based in Michigan, BACA Systems manufactures highly innovative stone fabrication machinery, including the Miter X 2.0. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to helping stone fabricators improve efficiency and quality, increase profits, and reduce downtime.

Please contact us today if you have questions about the Miter X 2.0 or the integrated Siemens Control System. And, if you’d like to see the Miter X 2.0 in action, consider our Fly to Detroit opportunity; when you fly to our location (at our expense), you’ll learn more about our available equipment and how they work, how to set up a shop with our equipment, and how other fabrication shops have benefitted from our systems. Visit our website to learn more about this opportunity or to schedule your trip.