Straight 8

BACA Systems is dedicated to offering a solution to every fabricator. We recognize the high demand of designers and architects for elegant stone features and the fabricators to use a flat polish as a common edge detail whenever possible. The Straight 8 flat polishing machine is designed to place a part in the conveyor of the machine and run through a series of polishing pads to polish the edge detail quickly and easily.

Why Choose the Straight 8

Straight 8
Straight 8


No wax or artificial polishes needed

With 8 motors oscillating across the surface the polish heads provide a rich natural polish without the need of using waxes or other artificial polishing components. It is also designed to put a small micro bevel on the top and bottom of the edge detail. It works on engineered stone, granite, marble, and quartzite.

Key Features

Features & Benefits

Polishing Series

With 8 motors oscillating across the surface the polish heads provide a rich natural polish without the need of using waxes or other artificial polishing components. Using more polishing heads than any other competitor allows the pieces to move through the machine faster increasing production speeds and lowering overall cycle time.

Beveling Heads

Straight 8 polishing machine also comes with 2 beveling heads at the end of the polishing process. These heads are placed at 45 degree angle to micro bevel the top and bottom of the edge detail quickly and easily. While some end users are happy with this finish, pieces can sometimes be installed directly after coming off the machine. While other end users want a rounded edge on the top and bottom, these beveling heads offer a first pass at helping hand finish the material to provide a slightly rounded effect.

Siemens Controls

Straight 8 is designed with controls in mind. Using similar controls as other BACA products, the Siemens controls allows BACA Systems to login to the machine to determine controls help if service is needed. This minimizes the need for costly downtime and technicians traveling to fix most electrical issues.

Operator Touch Screen

Siemens touch screen is utilized for the operator controls. This reliable component allows the operator to set belt speeds, polishing start and stop timing, pneumatic pressures, and store settings for polishing different types of materials. The touch screen also allows you to see how much material you have processed to track lineal footage of finished goods.

Slab Support System

The slab support system is designed to help hold large pieces during the polishing process. This allows for safer operation of the machine with fragile pieces while loading and unloading. The slab support system is designed to hold a piece 96 inches in length and is connected to the machine, in and out roller tables, and the floor.

In and Out Roller Tables

The galvanized in and out roller tables on the Straight 8 machine are built with strength and durability in mind. Attached to the left and right sides of the machine, they are designed to help an operator set a piece on the machine and align it to the belt for easy loading. The outfeed roller table is designed to help support large pieces still in process to allow an operator time to attend to the machine and pull the piece off after it is completed polishing.

Legendary Customer Support

In-House Training

Our dedicated training area and web lab allows users to take concepts learned in the classroom to real world application by processing real jobs as part of their training.

Phone Support

Our technicians are trained on all aspects of the equipment to better assist users with questions. They are also process experts, helping new users learn best practices for processing various materials.

Remote Support

Remote access to the system allows our technicians to quickly diagnose issues and resolve them to get customers back in production with minimal downtime.

WaterJet Service

BACA Systems has options to assist customers with keeping their machines running optimally. Service include on-site support, high-pressure exchange services, and remote troubleshooting.

Onsite Support

Our factory trained technicians are available for travel to customer sites to assist with repairs, system maintenance, service for waterjet pumps, and additional training.

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