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We want to make sure that our clients are always cutting with the best machinery possible. These newest upgrades allow for higher yields and an overall smaller footprint. With more reliable and more accurate machines, your business can’t go wrong with these newest models.

Stone Fabrication Machines

Straight 8

The Straight 8 flat polishing machine is designed to edge, polish and chamfer backsplash, vanities, islands, and countertops. A user simply places a part on the conveyor of the machine to run it through a series of ten polishing and chamfer pads to polish the edge detail quickly, and easily.

Robolution Pro

The M Series is our mitering programmable Saw and Abrasive WaterJet cutting system. The M Series combines traditional stone processing technology with lean industrial machine technologies to provide an affordable and reliable system for your cutting operations.


The BOSS Saw 2.0 is our 5 axis programable saw cutting system. The saw combines traditional stone processing technology with lean industrial machine technologies allowing you to fit your cutting needs with an affordable and reliable system.

Miter X

Simple to use, intuitive controls make this a plug and play stone cutter machine with minimal training necessary. The Miter X is equipped with a 25 HP saw motor, making it the strongest dedicated cutting saw in its class.

Five stone countertops being edges on a BACA Edge XL

The BACA Edge XL is a large open format, 3-axis high rail gantry stone milling machine. The system is designed as a wash-down machine that features an 8’ X 13’ table.


Pure is a water filtration system designed to remove stone particulate from water. Systems come in several sizes for different size shops; starting at 80GPM and go all the way up to 320GPM.

Robo Sawjet

The Robo SawJet stone cutting saw was the ORIGINAL robotic based sawjet introduced to stone fabricators, and today BACA systems has more than 600 robots running in North American stone shops.

Learn more about our supplementary products to increase your productivity and operational efficiency in a faclility. The supplemental machinery can help refine your processes and and achieve more customized functions.

Supplemental Products

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