Granite Saw Machine

Stone is an elegant and durable material that enhances any interior or outdoor environment, but its composition can make it challenging to cut and shape. Whether you design premium stone countertops or produce granite blocks for landscapers, you depend on precision equipment that’s efficient and reliable. At BACA Systems, we have high-performance granite saw machines that meet your needs. Our saws and fabrication systems are designed to increase production rates and lower labor costs. Here are some of our world-class stonecutting tools that can transform your operation.

Robo Saw Jet

Loading and unloading stone slabs for fabrication often results in accidental drops that chip or crack the material. The Robo Saw Jet minimizes material loss with its dual table configuration. While the KUKA robot powers the saw for cutting on one table, the other table is used for loading and reloading the following orders. With a powerful 26 HP motor equipped with a 16” saw blade, the Saw Jet makes straight cuts and utilizes a waterjet for curves and sharp angles.

This ingenious two-in-one combination conserves space and eliminates the need for a two-station layout. The saw’s variable frequency drive gives the operator optimal control when cutting different materials. Unlike a granite saw machine that requires weekly maintenance, the Saw Jet is waterproof and dustproof and requires little maintenance. After 10,000 hours of operation or five years, the device only requires a quick oil change. Lower maintenance costs and less downtime allow workers more time to focus on cutting countertops.

With our ready-to-use programming software, you can create exceptional cutting patterns in a few minutes on the Saw Jet. Operators can generate the patterns from a remote laptop or the operating panel on the machine.


The BACA Boss utilizes a massive 78” x 138” cutting table and a five-axis programmable saw. This versatile granite saw machine is designed to cut with a saw blade or a GAS bit to make sink openings, faucet holes and stylish arcs. When the bit is used for cutting, a water line cools the bit and extends its service life. The drive system remains rigid and secure during operation to produce precise cuts without backlash, and the rubber padded cutting table secures the material and protects it from scratching.

The cutting table can be angled up to 85° upward to make loading stone pieces safe and hassle-free, and the saw blade can be adjusted from a 90° horizontal position to a 0° vertical position for precise miter cuts. With the miter configuration, you can easily cut square corner sink openings, process compact slabs and cut quartz.

Unlike other complex saw systems, the BACA Boss is simple to control and requires minimal training to operate correctly. The machine accepts CAD plans for automated cutting, and it allows an operator to make manual cuts with laser-assisted accuracy.

Miter X

When you need to process quartzite, Dekton and porcelain without issues, you can depend on the Miter X saw for unparalleled accuracy. The Miter X uses a Siemens-based control system that allows the operator to connect with a BACA expert to troubleshoot any issues, and the innovative control stand can be moved around the machine for an unobstructed view of the cutting operation.

The Miter X utilizes one of the most powerful saws (25 HP) in the industry, and its 140” cut stroke produces high-quality miters. With a premium-grade pneumatic clamping system, you can cut oversized slabs or small pieces with ease. As more engineers and contractors demand mitered stone products, the Miter X meets the demand with efficiency, high-performance and simple controls.

Granite Saw Machines by BACA

With over 30 years of experience in stone processing, our team consists of experts in waterjet technology, system integration, robotic automation and countertop fabrication. Our premium-grade saws can revolutionize your manufacturing system by increasing productivity levels, decreasing labor costs and utilizing space more efficiently.