Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

Before the development of computer numerical control, which automated much of the stone-cutting process, fabricating a stone countertop could take many weeks and a lot of hands-on effort. The advent of CNC allowed the programming of specifications so that the machine operator rarely had to intervene, or even be present during most of the processing — but the large pieces of heavy stone still had to be moved from the router to the stone polishing machine.

Our specially designed Edge XL and Sink Pro+ products are router, edger and stone polishing machines all in one, saving you time and effort as well as streamlining your stone fabrication process. These efficiencies can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Designing the Ultimate Countertop

It all starts with the slab. Before the fabrication process can begin, granite is carefully selected and a layout that highlights the finest and most beautifully patterned parts of the stone is designed. Since this countertop is likely to be the focal point of your customer’s kitchen, great care should be taken to utilize the best aspects of the slab.

Once the countertop’s design template is set, the stone is moved to the CNC routing machine to be cut, edged, polished and finished with laser-focused precision — and all in one location.

Programming Our CNC Router, Edger and Stone Polishing Machines

Our PC-based CNC technology is easy to program. However, if you prefer, you can import a CAD drawing that includes all the specifications necessary to complete the project into the system and begin production that way.

The water-equipped spindle on our routers keeps the cutting tool cool throughout the process of removing the necessary pieces from the interior of the countertop and carving the edges. Our machines cut and polish the finished edges at the same time, without needing to move the stone to a separate piece of equipment for polishing.

Our machines can cut the edges of the stone to your client’s specifications, using a variety of standard options:

Stone CNC Machine
  • Square
  • Mitered
  • Bullnose
  • Demi-bullnose
  • Beveled
  • Eased

We also offer several specialty classical edges, including:

  • Dupont
  • French Cove
  • Ogee

Utilizing the Features of BACA Systems’ Edge XL

Our Edge XL router, edger and stone polishing machine has many special features and benefits:

  • Industry-leading technology that streamlines the process and saves time
  • 3-axis, high-rail gantry stone milling
  • Stress-relieved structural members
  • Precision ground or machined components
  • Laser-aligned axes for accuracy
  • PC-based control center with a high-resolution, 21-inch color monitor
  • 60-position tool rack

These features allow for ease of use and a variety of customization options. The Edge XL also includes several user-safety features such as doors that prevent entry into the work area when the machine is in use.

Using BACA Systems’ Sink Pro+

Like our Edge XL, the Sink Pro+ is a 3 axis CNC router, edger and stone polishing machine that is flexible and easy to program. Some of the Sink Pro+’s unique features include:

  • 24 tool-change locations for flexible tooling
  • Easy tool access
  • Ability to hold multiple tool profiles

As with the Edge XL, water is connected to the spindle for cooling during the cutting and edging processes. Both of these machines offer pioneering technology, efficient processing and ease of use. They can reduce your fabrication time, and as a result, increase your shop’s production and profitability.

There’s a reason why our machines are consistently among the most popular at the annual Coverings Conference in Florida and customers can’t wait to see our latest innovations. Our stone CNC machine technology yields state-of-the-art equipment for stone fabrication. With our unique core bit and water-cooling system, these machines are excellent for fabricating an endless variety of countertop stones.