Stone Fabrication Water Recycling

Stone Fabrication Water Recycling

Create a dependable source of water for your stone cutting and polishing machines. Whether polishing concrete, cutting marble or performing other stone product processes, water is crucial to a smooth, efficient operation. Discover how water recycling systems like BACA Pure can reduce wastewater and improve your stone manufacturing capabilities.

Closed Loop Water Recycling


Our system uses a number of components to ensure full water recycling. A closed-loop ensures all the water is filtered, processed, and reused. Water starts in a bladder tank and to the relevant jets on your CNC equipment, polisher, or sawjet.

The only byproduct of the system is solids from the cutting or polishing process. These solids are filtered out in a number of places and require occasional removal. Filters in the tank and liners in both the settling weir and sludge hopper must be removed and cleaned to keep your BACA Pure water filtration system operating effectively.

Components of a BACA Water System

Some water recycling systems only include a basic filter, which doesn’t provide the full closed loop convenience of a BACA water system. Here are the components we use to completely clean and reuse the water from the slurry collection tank:

Water is pressurized and sent to your manufacturing equipment for use in your particular process. Drains your equipment are connected to a slurry tank, which holds the water filled with all sizes of debris.

This slurry is pumped into our Cyclone filtration system that first removes any debris 40 microns or larger, then down to 10 microns. All that excess debris is filtered out into a sludge hopper with a removable liner.

The runoff from the sludge hopper goes into a settling weir, which in turn runs off back into the slurry tank. Once a filter becomes clogged in the Cyclone filtration system, our innovative design allows you to cycle between filters easily without any downtime.

Benefits of Recycling Water

BACA Pure System

Why use water recycling for your equipment? Whether you’re operating a single stone cutter or an entire facility of stone product processing equipment, you can enjoy these benefits.

Invest in low-cost equipment that’s easy to operate and comes with professional installation services from BACA Systems.

Reduced Energy Costs

The cost of pumping new water into your system can be prohibitively expensive for many manufacturing facilities. Compared to using all new water and draining all your slurry into the sewer system, a recycling system from a leading brand can save you significantly on your energy costs. Be sure to compare brands, as recycling equipment can vary significantly in efficiency.

No Chemicals Required

Some water recycling processes require chemical additives to purify the water and remove sludge. Chemicals in the process create additional concerns, such as contamination of your equipment or chemical runoff. Keep your system free from additives that may require special cleaning steps or cause additional wear on your equipment.

Reduced Extended Tool Life

Low-maintenance water filtration for stone fabrication can extend the lifetime of your equipment. Improper filtration doesn’t offer the same results that your equipment needs, which can result in clogged lines or additional wear on cutting tools. Maintain your equipment and enjoy low-maintenance filtration items with an industry-leading system.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing a filtration system can take time, so work with a team that offers full-service installation. Keep your equipment operating and your employees working while a trained team from BACA Systems inspects your facility, recommends a recycling system, and fully installs your new equipment. This process reduces the risk of improper installation or an improperly sized recycling system.

Granite Fabrication Water Filtration

If you are interested in more information regarding granite fabrication water filtration, contact BACA today. We specialize in stone fabrication water recycling and carry the stone fabrication equipment that you need.