Advantages of Miter X Saw

Miter X

Our Miter X saw is the perfect investment for any up-and-coming stone processing operation. It also serves well as a general workhorse for more established companies that need reliability, ease of use and complete versatility for small-to-medium runs, precision finishing or custom jobs.

With a fast, accurate, dependable output and triple functionality as edger, router, and miter saw, the Miter X saw has helped many of our clients’ businesses grow. It is easy to use, versatile, and powerful. This a plug-and-play, full-function stone cutter.

Simple Controls and Operation

Simple is best. The Miter X saw has easy-to-use, almost intuitive controls. Technicians need very little training to become experts in this tool, making it an ideal option for those who need to hit the ground running as soon as the power is connected.

There is a moveable operator control stand with a wide articulation range for safe, simple, multi-angle operation. This lets technicians get the right view of the workpiece before they start cutting, leading to a more accurate result.

A Stone-Shop Powerhouse

More power means fewer headaches. Industry-leading Miter X saws come with 15-horsepower motors.

This powerhouse places this saw among the most powerful in the business. It is capable of faster, cleaner cuts on common materials. It also cuts right through some of the most popular tough materials, such as quartzite. All in all, more power leads to various benefits, such as:

  • Reduced processing times
  • Lower labor costs per piece
  • Wider range of workable material

Secure Work Surface

Our extreme forces are balanced with extreme control. Our non-slip rubber table surface is designed specifically to minimize the shifting, warping and bowing that turns valuable materials, energy and time into scrap rock and wasted effort.

The heavy-duty rubber adheres to the Miter X saw tabletop, providing a calibrated surface. This, combined with the other security features, locks and locates the material to minimize any possible error due to slippage, even on smaller workpieces.

Smoother Positioning and Movement

Our Miter X saw has a specialized roller system to protect polished surfaces while the technician positions them and moves them to be cut. These rollers accommodate large pieces of stone up to the system’s maximum capacity.

These bi-directional pneumatic rollers can be easily raised or lowered to facilitate loading. When lowered, the workpiece sits securely against the high friction rubber surface. When raised, the rollers allow for nearly effortless movement.

The rollers’ smooth surface and operation minimize the possibility of scratches, chips or nicks before and during processing. This system is capable of omnidirectional positioning. It is designed with simple principles to minimize failure risk and reduce any necessary repair costs.

Precision Clamping System

Streaks and precision meet in the Miter X saw pneumatic clamp system. These heavy-duty security devices lock materials into position by applying steady, even pressure against the anti-slip, rubberized table surface. This prevents shifting and the resulting material damage, as well as contributing to shop safety. The pneumatic clamps are also incredibly versatile. They can hold anything from a small strip of material to be complete, full-size kitchen-island countertop in place during processing.

Superlative Edge Quality

The Miter X saw is a stone cutting tool, so we focused on making it provide the best edge possible. With a secure table, a simple interface, and one of the most powerful motors in its class, it is easy to see why this saw provides such a clean-cut — even on some of the toughest materials. For operations that need to reduce costs, enhance versatility, improve turnaround times, and increase the quality of finished products, this is the edger, router, and saw to choose from.

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