3 Axis CNC Routers

Baca Sytems provides innovative fabrication solutions that keep your costs low and your products precise. If you’re ready to upgrade to the cutting-edge of 3 axis CNC router technology, we’ve got you covered. Explore two innovative options for stone cutting today to find out why leading countertop production facilities are partnering with our skilled team of professionals.

What is a 3 Axis CNC Router?

A 3 axis CNC router is a stone fabrication tool designed for countertops, sinks, and other stone-milling projects. It can cut stone in three directions: the X-axis and a Y-axis for horizontal and vertical lines, and Z-axis for depth. Its configuration does not allow rotation around the axes.

The 3-axis design is suited for stationary workpieces that require straight lines for trimming. It operates through an automated computer system that carries out pre-programmed instructions, reducing the need for operator involvement. These tools allow manufacturers to make multiple copies of a product in less time.


Stone CNC Machine

The EDGE XL is one of our premier 3 axis CNC router options that keeps you in control. A state-of-the-art control system makes it easy to program this versatile tool to fit any stone cutting project. Explore the many features of the EDGE XL to see how you can make the most of your production equipment.

The open-format design uses a high rail gantry system for a wide range of stone milling projects. The rugged structure uses durable steel components and ample reinforcement to hold up to the most demanding industrial applications.

Precision ball screws, stationary screw and spinning nut features drive the X and Y axis of these impressive CNC routers. The Z axis uses a ball screw assembly and linear bearings to drive the spindle up and down and the A and B axes offer you additional cutting precision and performance.

The entire system is controlled by a hand-held jog pendant for convenient programming and accurate adjustments. A laser projector and 32 pairs of vacuum circuits ensure a clean, incredibly precise final product.

Flexible Stone CNC Routing

Our innovative EDGE XL stone CNC router is designed to handle a number of materials, sizes and specifications to keep your company at the forefront of your industry. Thanks to the dependable 20 horsepower direct-drive spindle, it’s capable of running at 6,000 rpm and handling up to 40 unique tool holders.

Keep your 33 Axis CNC Routers operating efficiently with a 60 position tool change rack for routing, edging and polishing your high-quality countertops or other stone products. A halo coolant ring and attached water on the cutting tool both improve the cutting process of granite and other stone materials.

BACA EDGE Sink Pro+ Features

Stone Polishing Machine

Create a compact, affordable and flexible 3 axis CNC router solution with the BACA EDGE Sink Pro+. This stone router has a more space-saving design and still offers industry-leading cutting capabilities. Compare the flexible tooling, precision performance and programming features with the EDGE XL to determine the best option for your production facility.

The EDGE Sink Pro+ includes 24 tool change locations and a spindle that runs at 10,000 rpm. The 15-horsepower direct-drive spindle uses the same halo coolant and integrated water jet for accurate cuts with optimal water levels. Consider adding laser project technology to project the countertop layout, just like the EDGE XL. While it doesn’t feature the same table size or tool holding capabilities, the BACA EDGE Sink Pro+ is still a competitive option for countertops and other stone products.

Unique Features of a 3 Axis CNC Router

The features of a 3 axis CNC router maximize efficiency. The X-Y axis has a spinning nut, stationary screw elements, and precision ball screws, while the Z-axis drives smooth spindle motion with linear bearings and a ball screw assembly. These components are fully covered and mounted high above the work surface to reduce wear. The axes are compensated and laser-aligned for positional accuracy. 

An open design and high rail gantry system allow 3 axis CNC routers to handle several types of projects and materials. Reinforcement and steel components make them durable enough for industrial use. The onboard computer system gives you superb control of your cutting lines, improving accuracy and expediency. 

The high power and industrial applications of these CNC routers mean they come equipped with several safety features. Access doors prevent people from walking into the work area during operation and keep water from spilling onto the shop floor. Water in the cutting system and a halo coolant ring keep tools from overheating with extended use. Reinforcement of critical components improves stability and prevents rust from water exposure.

Precision Performance

The ball screws and rotating nuts of our EDGE design allows for precision motions with zero backlash. Watch your CNC spindle travel effortlessly along profiled linear rails for stunning countertop accuracy and cutting power.

Just like the EDGE XL, the EDGE Sink Pro+ is a 3 axis CNC router designed specifically for stone products. This system is ideal for creating custom countertop products in less time and with greater levels of accuracy.

Upgrade Your CNC Machining With BACA Systems

Explore your granite CNC router options with BACA Systems. As a leader in 3 axis CNC router technology for stone products, we’re confident our machines offer you the tailored experience you need. Contact us today to learn more about the EDGE XL vs. the EDGE Sink Pro+. Discover the advantages of our innovative systems and take the next step in your countertop production facility.