Waterjet Cutting Machine

Waterjet Cutting Machine

A waterjet cutting machine is a highly efficient tool to use for stone fabrication applications where precision and versatility are crucial. Not only is it user-friendly, but waterjet stone cutting results in a perfect finish every time. The environment appreciates it, too, because using waterjet technology is environmentally responsible and sustainable.

How Waterjet Stone Cutting Works

Waterjet technology such as that which is used on BACA’s Robo SawJet and Robolution pro is highly effective in cutting stone such granite, marble and quartz.

A high-pressure waterjet that is faster than the speed of sound cuts materials in a variety of thicknesses with extremely high precision. Harder surfaces like marble and granite are cut with a waterjet that also contains an abrasive powder to cut through the material successfully.

A waterjet cutting machine creates cuts that are free of thermal or mechanical marring because it is a cold cutting process.

Robo SawJet 2.0

The Industry-Leading Robo SawJet

The Robo Sawjet is our original robotic sawjet that led Baca Systems to become the premier leader in robotic waterjet cutting machines since its introduction.

We use the KUKA KR210 robot to keep the machine running and needing as little upkeep as possible. Regular maintenance doesn’t need to be performed for the first five years after installation.

We designed the Robo Sawjet to be easy to operate with user-friendly software, a variable frequency drive, and a powerful 16” saw blade. Our blade gives you the speed to get the job done efficiently. An increase in productivity and reduced handling time means a better bottom line.

The Revolutionary Robolution Pro

Our Robolution Pro embodies the next generation in sawjet technology with its saw blade and waterjet designed to make corner cuts with perfect precision. In addition to inside corner miters, our waterjet stone cutting techniques make carving even the most complex arcs a breeze.

Robolution Pro

We further developed the Robolution Pro to transition back and forth between the saw blade and the waterjet as needed for the work you’re doing. By adopting this technique, you can maximize profitability by reducing material costs combined with a quicker cutting time.

The maintenance-free KUKA KR210 robot is our backbone for the waterjet cutting machine. We also developed the sawjet to be easily upgraded to add a second cutting table when you’re ready as opposed to a whole other machine.

Features and Specifications at a Glance

Here is a quick list of the features and specs to make it easier to skim through what the Robo Sawjet and Robolution Pro have to offer.

Features for both waterjet cutting machines include the following:

  • Fully sealed KUKA KR210 Robot
  • 26-horsepower saw motor
  • 16” saw blade
  • Tamperproof nozzles with 12 GPM of water focused on cooling
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Easy-to-remove saw guard
  • H2O Jet Waterjet Pumps designed for 24/7 usage
  • H2O Jet nozzle with Integral Diamond Eductor
  • Robolution Pro easily upgradeable

System specifications for both the Robo Sawjet and Robolution Pro are as follows:

  • Robot power – 480V, 3 Phase, 80 AMPS, 60HZ
  • Pump power – 480V, 3 Phase, 100 AMPS, 60HZ
  • Air for the robot – 25 cfm at 85-100 psi
  • Air for the garnet system – 3 cfm at 60-100 psi
  • Cutting water at 40 psi and 4GPM
  • Saw water at a minimum of 35 PSI and 5 GPM with the capability of 50 PSI and 12GPM optimum
  • Cooling water at 2-4 GPM at less than 65 degrees
  • Clearance needed – 11’6” overhead for Robolution Pro or 12’6” for the Robo Sawjet

Options in Waterjet Stone Cutting Machines

Whatever your needs, either the Robo Sawjet or the Robolution Pro sets the industry standard for a waterjet cutting machine, so you’ll be happy with the results. At Baca Systems, we expect the best from our tools so that you can expect the best from us.