Stone Cutting: CNC Saw vs. SawJet

CNC Saw – Sawjet

Robo SawJet

Cutting stone material for applications such as hard-surface countertops requires precise, efficient tools. Typically, the go-to option is a CNC saw. This offers an efficient and cost-effective way to cut countertops while also enjoying the advantages of automation. However, another option, the sawjet, is growing increasingly popular. Baca Systems offers both: the Boss Saw, a high-performance CNC saw, and the Robolution Pro, a revolutionary robotic sawjet. Understanding the differences will help you to find the right equipment for your needs.


Computer numerical control saws have played a huge role in dimensioning and other fabrication applications for a long time. CNC is one of the most widely adopted technologies for automating machinery. It is perfect for achieving high-precision, computer-controlled stone cuts.

Our Boss Saw offers five-axis control of the saw blade. This helps it to perform a full complement of cuts for sinks, arc, faucet holes and more. The five axes help also to maximize yield from every slab.

A typical CNC saw can cut stone at a rate of between 100 and 160 inches per minute. This helps the machine to shine when making large, dimensioning cuts. However, it is somewhat limited by only having a saw blade, meaning that it may not be able to handle certain types of cuts. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Highly cost-efficient
  • Relatively fast-moving and precise
  • Highly precise
  • Automated using CAD or CAM


  • Incapable of certain cuts, especially inside corners
  • May require extra material, particularly with unequal piece sizes
  • An operator or vacuum life may be necessary to move parts


A sawjet is like an upgraded version of a CNC saw. It features an automated, articulating saw blade as well as a power water jut cutter. This gives the user the ability to make larger, straight cuts with the saw blade as well as smaller, more precise cuts with the water jet.

Out sawjet is called the Robolution Pro. It features a robotic arm with two interchangeable heads (which it can switch automatically). The 26-horsepower VFD saw offers similar performance to a CNC saw. The 60k waterjet can cut almost any pattern in materials including quartzite, ultra-compact slab and porcelain.

Although some sawjets may be slightly outmatched in speed for long, straight cuts compared to a CNC saw, they easily make up for this in corners and other details. For example, a sawjet can often save about 66% of the time for cutting a vanity sink.


  • Flexible cutting options allow for fast corner creation
  • Less extra material required for cuts (roughly 10% to 20% lower overall material usage)
  • Reduced risk of overtravel compared to a saw blade
  • Automated control with minimal operator input


  • Higher initial investment
  • Slightly reduced efficiency for large, straight cuts

How to Choose

The topline takeaway from this comparison is that a sawjet is essentially a direct upgrade from a CNC saw. For cutting stone, it has the same functionality but with the addition of a highly flexible water jet cutter.

Unsurprisingly, the initial investment for using a sawjet is typically greater. However, this difference can often be overcome with faster production cycles (particularly anything involving inside corners such as sinks or faucet holes) and reduced material usage.

Both the Robolution Pro and the Boss Saw are both highly capable machines that can give your shop excellent automated stone cutting performance. However, if your application calls for complex cuts such as circular miter cuts, the Robolution Pro offers superior capabilities. Additionally, it can be expanded with a second table to accommodate more material for larger runs, helping to future proof your investment.

Don’t wait to reinvent your granite processing line. Contact us today at BACA Systems to ask about our Boss Saw 5 axis CNC router. Explore this and other CNC router machine options to discover how you can upgrade your facility and create beautiful, custom countertop pieces for less. Invest in a reliable machine to keep your business moving forward.