CNC Marble Cutting Machine

Create a stunning marble countertop or other product with a CNC marble cutting machine. Marble products are used for both commercial and residential purposes. When you choose a BACA Systems marble cutter, you can enjoy fast, precise and affordable solutions for marble manufacturing. Explore the key machine options available for a fully automated process.

Robolution Pro

Combining a waterjet, maneuverable arm and saw, the Robolution Pro is well suited to creating detailed trim pieces and intricate marble designs. This marble cutting machine is capable of inside miter corner cuts to create detailed edges and other features on your products with these features:

  • Adaptive technology
  • Fast, powerful drive and saw
  • Flexible robotic arm capable of inside miter cuts
  • Low-maintenance design

Thanks to the revolutionary automated design, the power variable frequency drive and saw can cut up to 80 inches per second. The 60,000 PSI waterjet and 26 horsepower saw are automated using a robotic arm, not a gantry system.

The speed and power of this robotic arm cutting machine creates flawless miter cuts to avoid defects in glue joints. The last thing you want in a stunning marble surface is an uneven glue joint or a defect in the edging.

This BACA Systems automated cutting machine is specifically designed for low-maintenance performance. You can easily access every high-pressure line, and the arm doesn’t use any swivels or whip lines. Accessible coils can be replaced by your maintenance team in minutes.

Robo SawJet

The very first marble cutting machine by BACA Systems continues to deliver full automation, precision cuts and a low-maintenance design. Here are just a few key features of the cutter that launched an entire line of dependable machines:

  • Small footprint
  • Six axes of coils
  • Powerful motor and 16-inch saw blade
  • 5-year oil change frequency
  • Faucet and sink opening manufacturing

Compare the compact footprint of the Robo SawJet to see how you can expand your cutting capabilities without expanding your shop floor. The marble-cutting saw is maneuvered by six axes of high-pressure coils. A 26 horsepower motor powers a 16-inch saw blade to create marble countertops and sink and faucet openings.

The high-pressure coils power the saw blade and waterjet for up to 10,000 hours of operation before the machine requires an oil change. The entire process is controlled by innovative RoboCut software.


When you need to cut large pieces of marble, you need the BACA Boss CNC Saw. This spacious marble cutter machine boasts the following features:

  • Mono-block frame, five-axis CNC saw
  • Highly efficient core bit
  • Miter cut capabilities
  • CAD drawing or manual cutting options
  • 78-inch by 138-inch cutting table

Powered by linear rails on a bridge and carriage system, the Boss Saw can create miter cuts between 0 and 90 degrees and easily power through a large slab of marble. You won’t experience backlash on the X, Y or Z axes thanks to the ball screw assembly.

Choose between free-form manual cutting or CAD drawing automation for your next project. This flexibility helps you create custom or mass-produced marble components with the precision your company is known for.

Miter X

The Miter X marble cutting machine is synonymous with customized, luxurious products. These features help you power through any complex marble-cutting process:

  • Pneumatic clamps
  • 25 horsepower saw motor
  • Rubber-topped table and bi-directional pneumatic rollers
  • Streamlined controls

A variable frequency drive motor controls the RPMs of your saw blade to reduce the risk of chipping your marble slabs. Cut pre-polished surfaces with ease thanks to the rollers, clamps and rubber-topped table.

CNC Marble Cutting Machine Applications

The BACA Systems marble cutting machine line makes designing, cutting and rapidly producing marble products a streamlined process. Use the Miter X, Boss Saw, Robo SawJet or Robolution Pro to create decorative slabs, countertops, coffee tables and other iconic components.