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Transforming a raw slab of granite into a custom countertop or elegant tile floor is both an art and a science. Your fabricators are the artists. They know how to calibrate and operate your equipment to produce the beautiful products you are known for. At BACA Systems, our job is to provide the science.

The confluence of diamond blades, waterjet cutting and robotic automation revolutionized the manufacturing of stone-working equipment, and BACA led the charge. For over 30 years, we’ve maintained our leading edge in innovative stone-automation technology.

Stone Fabrication 

Your stone cutter machine is the mainstay of your business. Polishers and routers won’t help you if the cuts are sub-standard. Our automated cutting machines and user-friendly software combine to make your job easier and safer and your production faster. BACA’s commitment to precision, power and value is visible in every aspect of our state-of-the-art cutting machines.

Robo SawJet

The BACA Robo SawJet was the first robotic stone-cutting machine used in the industry. The speed of saw cutting and the flexibility of abrasive waterjet technology combine to produce BACA’s superior production capacity. While our software computes the locations of the blade and waterjet cuts, the dual table allows you to load one station while the other is cutting. Featuring the lowest maintenance requirements in its class, the Robo SawJet stone cutter machine is designed to operate for five years, or ten thousand hours, before needing as much as an oil change.

Robolution Pro

Designed for speed and precision, the Robolution Pro offers a balance of saw-blade and waterjet cutting that’s perfect for making complex arcs and inside corners. Add to that the low operating cost and maximum slab yield, and you have the fastest precision stone cutting machine in the industry. The following are included in this saw’s popular features:

  • Twenty-six horsepower variable precision drive
  • Sixty thousand PSI waterjet pump
  • Large, 144-inch cutting table
  • Average cutting time of 15 to 20 minutes per slab
  • Eighty inches per second movement between cuts

Operators of this stone cutter machine will appreciate the built-in ergonomics. The oversized cutting table is accessible from three sides, making loading and unloading faster and safer. The Robolution Pro is upgradeable with a second table, allowing for expansion as your operation grows.


The versatile BACA Boss saw uses digitized data and computer-numerical-control technology to execute a diverse range of operations. From miter cuts to intricate sink profiles, this granite cutting machine has flexibility to spare. Your CNC equipment operator can program the cutting patterns for multiple pieces on the bed. Our legendary customer-care team will gladly help train your fabricators in CNC operation and troubleshoot anything that interferes with the quality your clients expect.

Installing a stone cutter machine can be labor-intensive. Not only does this machine’s rigid mono-block frame facilitate faster installation, but it also supports a smoother cutting motion for improved overall accuracy. The tilting base makes loading those extra-large slabs easier, and the adjustable saw blade offers a full range of miter-cutting possibilities. Whether it’s arcs, angles, sink openings or faucet holes, the BACA Boss can do the job.

Miter X

When you need a series of fast, accurate miter cuts, BACA’s 15-horsepower Miter X saw may be the perfect tool. With minimal training, your operator can master this high-yield stone cutter machine for use on even the densest materials. Its ability to provide fast-output routing, edging and polishing is unmatched in its class. The specialized pneumatic rollers raise and lower to assist with loading and positioning pieces, and the sophisticated clamping system makes unwanted movement a thing of the past.

Guided by a commitment to productivity, versatility and value, BACA Systems has pioneered stone-fabrication solutions for over three decades. We earned our stellar reputation for customer service and high return on investment by leaving no stone unturned. We hope to have the opportunity to exceed your stone-cutting expectations.

Don’t wait to reinvent your granite processing line. Contact us today at BACA Systems to ask about our Boss Saw 5 axis CNC router. Explore this and other CNC router machine options to discover how you can upgrade your facility and create beautiful, custom countertop pieces for less. Invest in a reliable machine to keep your business moving forward.