The Most Reliable, Fastest & Lowest Cost SawJet System

BACA Systems introduces the most reliable and lowest cost SawJet System to the stone industry. Robo SawJet is a high-production dual table SawJet that integrates both a high-pressure abrasive waterjet and 20HP direct-drive saw. Robo SawJet can save customers up to 70% on labor and 20% on material cost. Powered by KUKA, Robo SawJet is waterproof & dustproof. That makes it maintenance proof for the harsh environment of stone manufacturing. By placing the robot between the two tables, Robo SawJet provides a small footprint for a busy granite fabricators production floor. The Robo SawJet dual table system takes up the same amount of room as a single table sawjet. You can double your production with the same amount of space and at the same price as other’s single table sawjet.


  • Robo SawJet is the lowest cost SawJet in the Industry.  Our dual table system costs as much as our competitors single table system
  • By saving 20% on Material and 70% on Labor you can receive a faster ROI and increased profits


  • Waterproof + Dustproof = Stoneproof

Upgradeable & Compact

  • You can start with a Single Table System and upgrade to the Dual Table System by simply adding a second table at any time in the future
  • The simple design allows for a small, compact footprint

Easy to use

  • Icon based PC software automatically generates path cutting and makes it easy for anyone to run
  • The systems’ included VeinMatch Software obtains the best yield and optimal beauty from your slab