Robo SawJet 2.0

The Robo SawJet stone-cutting saw was the ORIGINAL robotic-based sawjet introduced to stone fabricators, and today BACA Systems has more than 600 robots operating in North American stone fabrication shops.

Why Choose the Robo SawJet 2.0

Robo Saw Jet 2.0
Robo Sawjet


Industry-Leading Technology

The Robo SawJet stone-cutting saw was the ORIGINAL robotic-based sawjet introduced to stone fabricators, and today, BACA systems has more then 600 robots running in North America. Our experience and commitment to innovation has resulted in the Robo SawJet being the top-selling sawjet solution in North America.

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • PC-based software
  • Upgradeable to 2nd table

Key Features

Features & Benefits

Lowest Maintenance

The first major scheduled maintenance on the KR 210 2100 Ultra robot consists of performing specified preventative maintenance procedures at the earlier of 10,000 hours or within the 5th year of operation. Compared with gantry SawJet solutions that need daily, weekly, monthly maintenance, The Robo SawJet users realize far less maintenance and downtime.

Faster Speeds

Robo SawJet comes standard with high pressure coils on all six (6) axes. This allows the robot to move much faster from cut to cut. This also means that high pressure lines can be replaced much quicker than lines on gantry sawjets that are packed into cable tracks.

More Productivity

The dual-table Robo SawJet allows loading and unloading in one station while the robot is cutting in the opposite station. This enables the system to be cutting constantly, allowing more countertops to be processed by the Robo SawJet each hour.

Less Cutting Time

The Robo SawJet system uses a 26-HP saw motor equipped with a 16 inch saw blade, giving you the power needed to cut at the highest speed possible. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is standard, giving you the control needed to cut any material with ease.

Increased Yield

The sawjet process eliminates the need to move saw-cut pieces between cuts by finishing cuts with the waterjet, where the saw would damage an adjacent piece. The PC-based RoboCut software included with the system automatically decides where the saw cuts and waterjet cuts are needed, programming the cuts with one mouse click.

Reduced Handling

Robo SawJet can cut faucet holes, arcs and sink openings, reducing the need to move pieces to secondary stations to complete these cuts. In addition, cutting these items during the sawing process reduces labor and frees up time for other activities. Cutting sinks and arcs in the sawing process can reduce time on CNC machines, reducing bottlenecks at these stations while reducing costs related to tooling wear.

More About the Robo SawJet 2.0

The Robo SawJet is our programmable saw and abrasive waterjet cutting system. Robo SawJet combines traditional stone processing technology with lean industrial machine technologies to provide an affordable and reliable system for your cutting operations. Robo SawJet utilizes a KUKA robot equipped with the simplicity of a conventional saw and the flexibility of abrasive waterjet technology. The system features BACA Systems’ Easy-2-Use, Ready-2-Use programming software and an intuitive operator interface to automatically generate cutting paths with a few clicks of the mouse. Programming can be accomplished at the machine on the factory floor or in the office remotely. The system also uses less floor space than traditional gantry or bridge-style machines.

Waterjet Made Easy

We understand – you want to concentrate on your business. The WaterJet Made Easy maintenance program allows intensifier maintenance to be completed to the highest standards in the industry by BACA Systems-trained technical staff, freeing you from machine maintenance.

Waterjet Made Easy



  • 480V, 3 PHASE, 80 AMPS (Robot)
  • 480V, 3 PHASE, 100 AMPS (Pump)


  • 4 GPM @ 40 PSI (Cutting Water)
  • 5GPM @ 35 PSI (Saw Water)
  • 2-4 GPM @ 35 PSI (Pump Cooling)


  • 1 CFM @ 85-100 PSI (Robot)
  • 3 CFM @ 60-100 PSI (Garnet System)

Legendary Customer Support

In-House Training

Our dedicated training area and web lab allows users to take concepts learned in the classroom to real world application by processing real jobs as part of their training.

Phone Support

Our technicians are trained on all aspects of the equipment to better assist users with questions. They are also process experts, helping new users learn best practices for processing various materials.

Remote Support

Remote access to the system allows our technicians to quickly diagnose issues and resolve them to get customers back in production with minimal downtime.

WaterJet Service

BACA Systems has options to assist customers with keeping their machines running optimally. Service include on-site support, high-pressure exchange services, and remote troubleshooting.

Onsite Support

Our factory trained technicians are available for travel to customer sites to assist with repairs, system maintenance, service for waterjet pumps, and additional training.

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